Our Aims At Footnote Finance

At Footnote Finance, we aim to provide our readers with the finest investment research on the market. Our goal is to simplify stock-picking and make investing easy. We look beyond the Wall Street jargon and complex financial models, to truly understand the companies we research. This we communicate to our readers through free, considered reports, to help them make better investment decisions.

Based out of Edinburgh, Scotland, we research companies worldwide, to determine which stocks might offer the best possible return in the future. Our in-depth analysis covers all major sectors and industries, from cutting edge technology to fast-food favourites.

We consider ourselves value investors. Ours is a long term approach, dedicated to finding excellent companies at great prices.

Please be aware, this is not financial advice. The content within is for research purposes only. Any investment readers decide to take should be thoroughly considered, and due diligence taken.

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