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Execs at NextGen Healthcare (NXGN) had plenty of reasons to smile this afternoon. That’s because Morgan Stanley (MS) released their report on future developments in healthcare industries, naming artificial intelligence as one of the most important drivers in the future of the sector.

Their research predicts AI and machine learning will account for 10.5% of healthcare company budgets in 2024, up from 5.5% allocated just last year.

There are plenty of businesses who will likely benefit from the shift. One that we think its particularly interesting is NextGen.

What You Need To Know About NXGN Stock

There are lots of flashy companies out there set to benefit from the great leap forward in AI. Biopharma businesses plan to revolutionize how companies create new, life-saving treatments. Others companies are focused on game-changing diagnostics. A few of the biggest players in the game hope to use to help them construct the most successful medical technologies the world has ever seen.

NextGen are a little different, because they are providers of healthcare management solutions.

To understand what this entails, we recommend you check out this video posted to the company’s YouTube channel.


Artificial Intelligence can help NextGen’s solutions as it can improve user interfaces for patients and medical professionals alike. Another step forward might be personalized care strategies or automatic diagnoses.


There is a unique connection between today’s Footnote news story and NXGN stock. If AI is on the rise, NXGN might not be far behind.

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